First Post and MG Duel

So here we go, I don’t like to write much so most post will be short and sweet. First a little intro, I’ve been doing Gundam models now for more then 7 years now, 2 to 3 of those years just snapping. Until I meant Gamera Baenre, and started learning all sorts of techniques and how to use an airbrush, now i am proud to display my work. You might of seen some of my stuff at local Model Contest and last year at Anime Expo, I made The O that took first in 1/100 Scale

Along with Gamera Baenre( and Funaka( and a few others we started Those Gundam Guys ( And have had a chance to work on projects like the 7ft Unicorn Gundam Traveling the US convention circuit with Blue Fin. We have also started the SCGMC, a contest dedicated to Gundam Models.

Lately I have been getting ready for the Bandai World Cup and working on a MG Duel gundam. So after snapping the kit together I decided that i would use a two tone color scheme inspired by the RG Kits. I also looked at the kit and decided it needed more panel lines so i added some in to the armor and Assault Shroud, added a few metal parts and decals and here you have it.


I will have more pictures coming soon, Find those gundam guys on facebook, I put up pictures every so often to that page of progress of my projects. Once the base is done for this project i will have more pictures up.      

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2 thoughts on “First Post and MG Duel

  1. Your Duel looks great!
    May I ask what color you used for the shroud armor?
    I’m considering recoloring mine as i’m not too keen on the stock purple..

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